f8_0 (f8_0) wrote,


Yesterday was a good night. Spent the Fri night with all the colleagues + the boss. It was fun with lots of talks. On a side note, I didn't know my confidence level is that easy to tell. It isn't the first time someone tells me I'm not assertive. Just recently AB was reading up on my personality INTJ and one of the strengths is high confidence. He immediately asked where is "it" in me. I've also realized most of my private posts are on assurance and making decisions. I guess i need to take the 16 personalities test again :-/ doesn't seem to match with my behaviour patterns now.

I don't aim to be outstanding, i don't want to stand out from the rest, i just want to be part of something.
Hmmm are my dreams too small?


Just 1 click away from booking flights to melbourne for 1 pax!!!!! I'm always excited to be alone
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